Buy Injectable Hgh To Maximize Strength, Energy And Vigor

Just about a decade ago, the virtually limitless supply of HGH produced through recombinant DNA technology leads to countless other applications like the use of HGH injections by body builders. Those who buy injectable HGH see its potential as the safest performance enhancer and strength building drug. Growth hormone injections are fast acting and much better than anabolic steroids in many ways. The professional athletes today buy injectable HGH because its side-effects are far less than other anabolic steroids which make it safe for usage throughout the year.

However, there are many other reasons an individual can opt for hormone replacement therapy. Apart from being used as an alternative to anabolic steroids, growth hormone injections make a viable treatment option for individuals lacking natural growth hormone due to some abnormality, disease, and malfunction or declining hormone levels simply due to aging.


The recombinant HGH is the type of formulation of synthetic hormone that is injected directly into your blood stream thus restoring the levels of human growth hormone. Usually, for getting treatment from hormone replacement therapy, you have to buy injectable HGH with prescription. Alternatively, a second type of prescription of secretagogue variety is also available.

The term “Secretagogue” is another word used for growth hormone releasing compound. The administration of releasers is effective to some extent in accordance with the studies showing that pituitary cells in an old person can still produce growth hormone human if appropriately triggered. This astounding discovery is still underway and it will take some more years to develop meanwhile you can buy injectable HGH and bring back your youth.

We hear quite frequently that oral HGH doesn’t work but here’s something that can prove this fact. In reality, growth hormone human is a unique and large molecule to work with. On top of that this Jupiter sized molecule cannot be absorbed by mucosa (the lining under the tongue). Even the insulin molecule which is half the size of HGH cannot be absorbed. So the best way to get the advantages of growth hormone is by using its injection.

All those deficient in growth hormone levels search for safe, affordable and easy to administer drugs. This is primarily the reason why OTC (over the counter) drugs have a huge market. However, every individual is not same. If those pills work on someone, it’s not necessary that they will work on you. In fact, most HGH drugs or pills are not very effective. Growth hormone deficiency treatment regimen is proven to be successful with injectable HGH.


Owing to the various anti-aging properties, many people have started to consider the options of injectable HGH and pills. Although people still wonder what the differences between the two are, there is a growing market for injectable HGH. The two forms of growth hormone administration are totally different. In the form of pills or growth hormone supplements, the restoration of HGH levels can be slow. However, growth hormone injections are effective to such an extent that you will feel a difference within a couple of months. I


As opposed to the oral formulations, HGH injections comprise of a heavy dose of bio-identical human growth hormone that you can only buy after getting a prescription. Originally, growth hormone was derived from human subjects to be cultured in living tissues. However, it’s no longer extracted from living sources but its recombinant version is created in the laboratory. When you are suffering from the deficiency of HGH, its injections effectively raise hormone levels as opposed to HGH pills. In some cases it is essential to use HGH shots in order to treat various medical conditions that lead to declining HGH.


Just like any other drug has its pros and cons, HGH injections are no exception. However, there is no incidence of people experiencing side-effects who are on nominal dosages like 1-2IU per day. Some side effects upon over dosage include pain in joints, problem of water retention along with muscle aches. On lowering the dose, side effects can be minimized. Until, you are not taking more than 1-2IU in a day, you won’t experience any side effects. But every individual is different and the person reacts differently to a drug, hence it is vitally important to consult a reputed physician before you decide to buy injectable HGH.


Avoid hormone replacement therapy products from the black market or from an unseen overseas destination. You can very easily fall for a non regulated medication that can be harmful to your health. Use your common sense and don’t always opt for what is cheap. Hormone growth injections are formulated after an intense research hence they cannot be available at a very cheap price.

Avoid using growth hormone without any prescription or without consulting a doctor. It’s not just illegal but can also be harmful to your health in case your medical history is not clear or you are already on some medication that can react with this drug to create adverse effects.

Buy injectable HGH from a seller who does not offer an exceptionally high dosage. For this you need to have the knowledge of the appropriate dosage. Ideally 1-2 IU per day needs to be administered for best results. Never overdose yourself because it cannot rapidly restore your health nor can it reverse aging symptoms. On the flip side, you can have some side effects due to overdosing.